New Jewellery and Clothes available..

Sculpted, HUD controlled, Show/ Hide, Change Colours, Shine and Gold/ Silver, 3x Bling Mode…

tafel_ring tafel_heart_bellychain
tafel_romantica_1024 tafel_ghotictiara_1024 tafel_fwarrior_avalon_1024 tafel_sexy sam_black_1024 copy tafel_sexy sam_gold_1024 copy


New Clothes Sets available – Gothic, Gown and Casual Clothes..

..and a nice free Set..

tafel_laca_1024 tafel_evangelina_1024 tafel_augusta_1024

Medieval Weapons for your Fights..

tafel_katanaII tafel_shortblade tafel_spearblade

..and much more at Jaqueline Beuamont Island.

New beautiful clothes (Casual and Latex) for you! are the newest Sets for you.

tafel_emily_blue tafel_emily_beige tafel_emily_green tafel_emily_orange tafel_emily_rose


Our Latex Fashion:

tafel_sexyzindra_black tafel_sexyzindra_mint tafel_sexyzindra_orange tafel_sexyzindra_red tafel_sexyzindra_yellow