June 2010 – new Complete Avatar Sets
You are new in Secondlife and now you search a awesome Avatar Look with high quality products ?

What a mess – you need a skin, a shape, genitals, hair, heels, clothes. You search, and search and search..
..puuuh and lose a lot of time !

We have the solution for you!
With the „Complete Avatar“ Set you get your „Ready & Go“ Package in 5 minutes!
All Items are adjusted to the Body shape – normally no modifys needed.
But if you want – you can change all parts – its modify!

Just buy it – and worn all items from folder and you look like the Avatar on picture.
With one click you get all what you need!
Save money – and save a lot of time!

Buying the single items you must invest more than 4.000 Lindens!

In the box:
Skin with 21 Makeups
Genitals with
1 Pussy with Silverring Piercing
1 Nippels with Red Bones Piercing
Heels Stranger multicolour with Toes
Clothes Set with:
2 Top
1 Jacket
1 Corset
1 Pant
1 Bikini
2 Underpant
1 Gloves
2 Skirts
1 Socks
2 Accessories

SEX HUD Complete with more than 400 Animation Sets

Mai 2010 – new Designer Beds

..and we have more – high quality Animations, Genitals, Sexbeds, Sex matresses, Sex Huds, Skins, Shapes, Accessories, Jewellry  a.s.o. – more than 5.000 products available – examples:

Sexbeds & Matress:

MULTI SEXBed with 400+ Animations included

This is the new Sexbed  in Secondlife – more than 400 HQ single Animations, Sounds, many Tools (Strapon, Ballgag, Double Dildo, DogBowl, Double Dong, Cuffs ….) included and very easy to use!

* +400 unique and special Animations
* Very realistic and smooth – most 30 seconds long – OVER 200 MINUTES OF ANIMATIONS
* Cuddle & Chill. Couple, Gay, Lesbian, BDSM, Footfetish, Discipline
* Group Action 3Some and 4Some
* Facial Expressions
* Sexy Sounds
* Many Tools integrated (Dildo, Strapon, Dong ..)
* Total Position Coordinate Control -(match up any sized avatars)
* english and german Support
* sculpted
..and much more!!!

LIVE DEMO at our Mall at Jaqueline Beaumont Island.

..much more detailed!
Animations have additional poses integrated – f.e. “open Mouth when make a Blowjob” or “Tongue is real
licking when you lick your partner”!

English and German Support!

Skins & Shapes:



..and much more

Visit our Mall inworld:

Our products on slexchange


3 Antworten

  1. KaraLaurieMia Bruun on 2010-02-03
    After using nearly every sex toy available to SL…I find most are poorly animated or very expensive and some are even hard to use.

    The 4D Multi Mattress is amazing. Smooth natural animations…The faces are truly beautiful to watch. It matches up nicely and looks as if the av’s are really enjoying it. I am a voice escort and a good one…
    So I work alot..I get bored quite often with the same poses all the other beds seem to favor.

    This bed seems to have unique high quality poses. I do not see how anyone can be dissapointed with this purchase..

    It’s by far the best sex animation u can get for the money…FINALLY a good deal on a wonderful sex bed!

  2. Cacau Petrov on 2010-01-28
    Sex Matress . Fantastic !! Never seen before. (SLX)

  3. Natalie05 Babii on 2009-11-01
    Sex Matress: I like it very much – very detailed animations with fantastic facial impressions. Never seen this before. And i dont need to buy a new bed – i can use my old one.

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