New RLV Strip Sets – Sayuki and Moulin Rouge..

tafel_geisha01700 tafel_geisha02700 tafel_geisha03700


This is a roleplay set with many pieces, this is sure to fulfill every fantasy and enhance your roleplay.

With so many combinations your sure to experience a new sexual dimension.

The “PREMIUM EDITION” includes 2 RLV Strip Scripts:
1. payable strip (for hookers)
2. free strip (for free partner love)

You need to wear all items from the set (including the necklace), and one of the 2 Huds.
In your Phoenix Viewer you need to activate the RLV Fuctionality. Advanced Menu – RestrainedLove API. Then restart your Viewer

“Restrained Love API” works only in 3th party viewers like Phoenix, not in the Linden Lab Viewer!

You choose one of the 2 huds. Dont wear both at the same time!

When you click on the middle of your body – you see a menu on screen. This menu shows all clothes parts you wear and a options menu.

Inside OPTIONS, you can choose the language on the menu – GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH or ENGLISH. And you find a RESET button too.

When your partner clicks on the same place on your body – you get a message and then you can choose to give him access or not.

If you give him access, he can pull off your clothes by the menu – piece by piece…

The payable hud – pls rez it on ground – dont wear it.

Here your partner/ client must pay money to have the ability to pull off your clothes. Standard is 10L$ for each clothes part, but you can change that by yourself – just change the description of the hud to your amount and rez the hud again..