Jaqueline – New Releases – Hairs, Gown… ! 05.08.2011

Dear Friends,

for this week we have build new hair called Melodie in 4 different colours and a wonderful medieval gown called Diana.

Please read below for more information and pictures

Wishing you all a wonderful week



New Antique Sex Beds, Clothes, Skins at the end of the week – 12.02.2011

MULTI Designer SEXBed with 400+ Animations included
Transfer or Copy Versions available!

You like to buy the finest designs?
Sleep on Textures made by one of the best artists of Secondlife?

Then we have the right one for you – designer feeling for more romance, high detailed textures and more than 400 Animations.

This wonderful Bed includes this additional objects:
1 Couch
1 Petroleumlight
1 Table


..and much more..

This comes end of the week – complete Men Avatars, Skins, Clothes – 04.02.2011


Weekly Freebie:

New awesome products comes at the end of the week! 28.01.2011

New Complete Avatars, RGB Heels, Skins, Clothes – comes 21.01.2011

You are new in Secondlife and now you search a awesome Avatar Look with high quality products ?
What a mess – you need a skin, a shape, genitals, hair, heels, clothes. You search, and search and search..
..puuuh and lose a lot of time !

We have the solution for you!
With the „Complete Avatar“ Set you get your „Ready & Go“ Package in 5 minutes!
All Items are adjusted to the Body shape – normally no modifys needed.

But if you want – you can change all parts – its modify!

Just buy it – and worn all items from folder and you look like the Avatar on picture.
With one click you get all what you need!

Save money – and save a lot of time!
Buying the single items you must invest more than 5.000 Lindens!

Wonderful RGB Heels with Jewellery !

New Clothes, Skins, Boots and Hairs comes end of the week (07.01.2011)..


New Fashion, Heels and Boots – available 18.06.2010..