New Butterfly Heels this week – 24.01.2012


Update for this week – new wonderful Heels – 12.01.2012

High detailed – available in 10 single colours and a Multicolour Version.

Many functions and only 1 Script (no more LAG)!

Lot of work with Heel Updates – but all love it! 25.11.2011

Dear Customers and Friends,

to update more than 400 heels and boots costs a lot of time – but all love the new HUD Systems – they never see it before with so much functions and only one script inside. In the next weeks we have a lot of work – but we see fantastic responses to help us..

Here are the next Updates:


New Products end of the week – complete Avatars and Clubwear.. 07.10.2011

At the moment we work on new mesh products – thats the reason we dont have new realeases last weekend.

But end of the week we are back with the following, great offers!

Complete Avatar Almira comes in 2 versions (with Genitals and Sex Hud or without), a lot of items included for a special price!

Save Time and Money – all things are setup ready – just worn them and have fun.

Clubwear Luna Leather is the continuation of our popular clubwear series.. It comes in a Leather Style (6 colours and a Bundle Set) with great Heels included – for only 199L$ !!!

New Heels, Servant Set and more – end of the week – 13.05.2011

High detailed extravagant Heels with Laces, Metal rivets and Jewellry.

You never seen before !

– Sculpted
– Resizer
– 3 step Footstep Sound
– 3 different Blings
– change brightness in 3 steps or
– change Gold or Silver Metal
– includes an FREE AO with Animations
(but you can use your own AO)
– Viewer 2.0 and older READY !

This is a roleplay set with over 18 pieces, this is sure to fulfill every fantasy and enhance your roleplay.

With so many combinations your sure to experience a new sexual dimension.

This set is transferable so why not treat your partner today

A scripted bra is included, where you can progressively change the transparency.

Set includes:
2 top
2 pant
2 skirts
2 sleeves
1 necklace
1 table ware (animated)
1 hat
3 underwear sets
1 corset
1 bra (sculpted, scripted)
1 heels
1 dance pole with animations

Shape Sets  includes:
1 Shape (Original – no mod)
1 Shape (Original – modify)
1 Bodylight
1 Eyes
1 Eyebrows
1 Stylingcard with Landmarks

The shapes included in this package are copiable and modifiable.

The demo of this shape (in its original edition) is available without cost, so please visit the main store to try it and/ or contact us if you need further information.

To have the same style as on the product picture – you need to buy a additional Skin and Hair – you find this info in the Stylecard.

New Releases – end of the week – Heels, Clothes.. 25.03.2011

Dear Friends

So many new and exciting things to tell you about for this weeks releases. We have some new heels, some jeans and also some miniskirts – with that spring weather coming perfect to pop your mini skirt on and a new pair of heels and show off those beautiful legs.

Below is all the information and some pictures for you.

Have a wonderful week


Jaqueline Beaumont

..and more..

and more colours inworld or on slmarket.

New Complete Avatars, RGB Heels, Skins, Clothes – comes 21.01.2011

You are new in Secondlife and now you search a awesome Avatar Look with high quality products ?
What a mess – you need a skin, a shape, genitals, hair, heels, clothes. You search, and search and search..
..puuuh and lose a lot of time !

We have the solution for you!
With the „Complete Avatar“ Set you get your „Ready & Go“ Package in 5 minutes!
All Items are adjusted to the Body shape – normally no modifys needed.

But if you want – you can change all parts – its modify!

Just buy it – and worn all items from folder and you look like the Avatar on picture.
With one click you get all what you need!

Save money – and save a lot of time!
Buying the single items you must invest more than 5.000 Lindens!

Wonderful RGB Heels with Jewellery !