Next Step of Heel Updates and Update of all our Sex Beds… 27.03.2012

Dear Friends,

this week we update all our Sex Beds to a new Software Version, added new Animations and Tools.

SEX BED Updates:


..and a lot of more..

More than 100 Designs with working Demos, Copy and Transfer Versions…..

Our Bestseller – Heels Nadine are updated too!

And we do the next Step on our Heel Update – Nadine Heels have now the new HUD too:

Availabke in a Multicolour Version and 10 single colours – each only 99L$!

New extreme Stiletto High Heels comes end of the week.. and a lot of more (01.10.2010)..

As a wish from a lot of customers we have make a new version of our Stiletto Extreme Bestseller:

..then we have 4 new Halloween Special Sets for only 99L$ – we start with the 1. set this week:

..and another colour of Sybil Revailing:

..and last, but not least – the weekly freebie:

Come and visit us !

Jaquelines New Items for this week – 04.06.2010 ..

Designer Sex Beds with 400+ Animations:

.. and more.

Clothes :


and much more..

Free Item of the week:

Updates/ New Items – 07.05.2010

New Clothes, Heels and other Items..

3. Anniversary – second and last offer – only 99L$ – 15.05.2010:

..7 other single colour and a Multicolour Package available.


..and much more high quality items at our mall – come and look !

New Boots, Heels, Clothes and Hair..

..and much more items available at our MainSIM (after 22.01.2010).

New Sets and weekly freebie..

tafel_labamba_1024 copy




New Casual Clothes coming..

tafel_kitty_1024 tafel_mimi_1024

tafel_playfulsusi_black tafel_playfulsusi_blue tafel_playfulsusi_green tafel_playfulsusi_orange tafel_playfulsusi_red tafel_playfulsusi_1024 tafel_playfulsusi_512_free_bikini_II

..and here our Disco Queen Sets with SDJ Jeans:

tafel_discoqueen_black tafel_discoqueen_blue tafel_discoqueen_gold tafel_discoqueen_neon tafel_discoqueen_orange tafel_discoqueen_pink tafel_discoqueen_red tafel_discoqueen_silver