New RLV Strip Sets – Sayuki and Moulin Rouge..

tafel_geisha01700 tafel_geisha02700 tafel_geisha03700


This is a roleplay set with many pieces, this is sure to fulfill every fantasy and enhance your roleplay.

With so many combinations your sure to experience a new sexual dimension.

The “PREMIUM EDITION” includes 2 RLV Strip Scripts:
1. payable strip (for hookers)
2. free strip (for free partner love)

You need to wear all items from the set (including the necklace), and one of the 2 Huds.
In your Phoenix Viewer you need to activate the RLV Fuctionality. Advanced Menu – RestrainedLove API. Then restart your Viewer

“Restrained Love API” works only in 3th party viewers like Phoenix, not in the Linden Lab Viewer!

You choose one of the 2 huds. Dont wear both at the same time!

When you click on the middle of your body – you see a menu on screen. This menu shows all clothes parts you wear and a options menu.

Inside OPTIONS, you can choose the language on the menu – GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH or ENGLISH. And you find a RESET button too.

When your partner clicks on the same place on your body – you get a message and then you can choose to give him access or not.

If you give him access, he can pull off your clothes by the menu – piece by piece…

The payable hud – pls rez it on ground – dont wear it.

Here your partner/ client must pay money to have the ability to pull off your clothes. Standard is 10L$ for each clothes part, but you can change that by yourself – just change the description of the hud to your amount and rez the hud again..


Next Step of Heel Updates and Update of all our Sex Beds… 27.03.2012

Dear Friends,

this week we update all our Sex Beds to a new Software Version, added new Animations and Tools.

SEX BED Updates:


..and a lot of more..

More than 100 Designs with working Demos, Copy and Transfer Versions…..

Our Bestseller – Heels Nadine are updated too!

And we do the next Step on our Heel Update – Nadine Heels have now the new HUD too:

Availabke in a Multicolour Version and 10 single colours – each only 99L$!

New Releases – end of the week – Grunge Bed and Hairs.. 23.09.2011


New Release – end of the week – 16.09.2011

+ unique and special Animations
+ compatible with all Genitals
+ Very realistic and smooth – most 30 seconds long
+ Chill, Cuddle, Kiss, Lick, BJ, Hand, Toys, Fuck…
+ Footfetish for Boy – Girl
+ Facial Expressions (Mouth open, Tongue out.., Smile ….)
+ Sexy Sounds
+ Many Tools integrated (Dildo, Dong ..)
(some with seperated RLV Scripts – Lockable…)
+ Furniture included (Rugs …)
+ Total Position Coordinate Control -(match up any sized avatars)
+ Newest MLPV2 Version with Temporary Direct Save (FULLPERM!)
+ Make your own Animation Sets
+ Support
..and much more!!!


This great items comes end of the week! 09.09.2011

Dear all,

after the genital and sex huds updates last week we have new items for you:

Lapdance Chair with 120 animations
+ realistic and smooth
+ sexy sounds
+ many tools (ball gag..)
+ colourchanger (15 textures)

Awesome Hair Amanda in 4 colours..


Jaqueline – New Releases – 99L$ Heels, Hairs, Beds… ! 29.07.2011

Hello to you all,

today we have a great summer special for you – wonderful high heels for 99L$ (8 different colours) – only for a limited time (official price 300L$).

Then we have build new hair called Tsubasa (japanese Gyaru Style) in 6 different colours.

And we present you the.4. and last part of the new Bed Line – the Snake Bed – available in a copy and a transfer version, both with more than 400 Animations.

Bestseller of the weekgothic Maeva – dark stylish Set with Collar, Sleeves, Gloves, Jacket.. many combinations.

Please read below for all the information and pictures

Wishing you all a fabulous week


Jaqueline – New Releases – Luxus Bed Series, Steampunk … ! 22.07.2011

Hello to you all,

This week we present you the.3.part of the new Bed Line – the Peacock Bed – available in a copy and a transfer version, both with more than 400 Animations.

Bestseller of this week is our Gown Set „Misty Nights“ with 2 Skirts, Jewellry, Gloves – high detailed and the Elegant Marcella Set.

Please read below for all the information and pictures

Wishing you all a fabulous week

Jaqueline ❤