Next Step of Heel Updates and Update of all our Sex Beds… 27.03.2012

Dear Friends,

this week we update all our Sex Beds to a new Software Version, added new Animations and Tools.

SEX BED Updates:


..and a lot of more..

More than 100 Designs with working Demos, Copy and Transfer Versions…..

Our Bestseller – Heels Nadine are updated too!

And we do the next Step on our Heel Update – Nadine Heels have now the new HUD too:

Availabke in a Multicolour Version and 10 single colours – each only 99L$!

New Latex Boots in 3 different Designs – last 3 weeks – 06.03.2012

Update last and this week new Ballerinas and Ballet Boots – 07.02.2012

New Boots with Butterfly & Bat Effects – 17.01.2011

Many functions and Easy to use!

10 single Colours available:

Update for this week – new wonderful Heels – 12.01.2012

High detailed – available in 10 single colours and a Multicolour Version.

Many functions and only 1 Script (no more LAG)!

Merry Christmas … with a new pair of Boots… 23.12.2011

Available in 10 single colours too:

New great Boots comes this weekend.. 08.12.2012

9 single colours too: